Hello 2018! What 2017 taught me and highlights of the year

This past year was a big one for me, not just positively but also negatively. I had many wake up calls and many lessons I had to learn the hard way. I was challenged with patience, forgiveness and sensitivity and a lot more. I was stuck in a mentality and in a way of being that was not the right one for me. It was not until this past month, December 2017 that I fully grasped on the guidance the universe kept trying to place me on.

I learned so much but most importantly:

  1. To believe in yourself and trust your instinct
  2. Don’t take anything and anyone for granted
  3. To be compassionate
  4. To be brave and not be afraid to make a fool of myself
  5. To not give up until I get what I want and deserve
  6. To love my body and myself just as it is
  7. To savor every minute of my life

I guess these are just the top lessons but there is so much more…

Lastly, I am beyond grateful! The list is endless of all the things I am thankful for. I traveled, I worked doing something I love, I made great friends and I spent time with people I love.

Next, I will share with you in chronological order, all the places I visited and my greatest memories of 2017.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I had the opportunity to act on a Nickelodeon Latin American sitcom called, Vikki RPM. I got to be 16 again!

So to begin with, I had the honor of getting splattered with blue paint all over my face for a scene.

I got to meet incredible people that brought me only but laughs, good music, memories and a few wild conversations 🙂

I got to be a cheerleader….


2.  I went to New York City, my favorite city.

I had green tea matcha every day….


3. I got to attend the Kid’s choice Awards in Mexico

Danilo was my date…


4. I went to Chicago for the first time ever!

I tested my fear of heights. Turns out I’m not scared at all!
I saw the biggest bean I’ve ever seen….


5. I got to help my best friend produce his very own movie along with these beauties who just made everything 10 times better.


5. I got to work on a secret project with my soul sister!


6. I had the most amazing vacation with 3 of my best friends in LA! TWICE this year to be exact.

I discovered the best vegan restaurant in the world!!! I take that back. I discovered my favorite restaurant EVER!!! “Gracias Madre”
I had a lot of wine at Malibu Wines…
I hiked with my baby!!


7. I had the blessing of welcoming 2018 at a magical place in Mexico called “San Miguel de Allende”.



Love always,


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