The Athleisure Trend

Oh, how I love the athleisure trend! This pretty much means that it is completely acceptable to wear your gym clothes to casual outings. It seems that people of all ages are wearing their sportswear, everywhere. Now, you can be comfortable while looking fashionable. Wether you are on your way for a quick coffee break, a meeting with friend, a date to the movies. Throw on a leather jacket to your workout clothes and you have an outfit.  There are multiple ways you can look your best while pulling off the athleisure trend. But of course like any fashion trend there are some rules and tricks to this innovative trend.

First of all, you need to dress accordingly. You can’t just wear shorts and a sports bra and think you are pulling it of. The athleisure trend is about comfort and transitioning from the gym to the streets. That being said, try to always wear a nice pair of leggings or a cute sporty shirt with a jean jacket. With just one piece you can achieve the look. Add a scarf to your outfit, wear your new bomber jacket, add a hat or some bad ass sunnies. You can also wear heeled booties with your track pants and t shirt. Oh and of course play around with the shoes. Mix your favorite joggers with your comfy heels or wear sneakers with your favorite trousers.

PHOTO BY: LUCIA STERPONE – Instagram: @luciasterpone & @lucia.sterpone